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Your Steps Are Ordered by the Lord

Your heart may plan your way: but, the Lord will direct your steps — Proverbs 16:9

Order my steps and do not let sin have dominion over me. Set me free from things that are not of Your heavenly kingdom. Lord, I may not always understand Your plan for my life; in Your word, You promised good and I believe that it will be done. Keep me from falling and preserve me that I may present myself faultless before You with exceeding joy — Psalms 119:133; Jude 4:24

Direct my path, O Lord, let me learn to trust and follow You.When God begins to bless my life, He works in ways that often times are not immediately recognized. Let me be patient, always remembering that the path of a good man is ordered by the Lord. Let me learn to follow Your guiding light and to ponder where my feet will take me when I obey Your will for my life, for I know my journey will safe and the end result will be great — Psalms 37:23; Proverbs 4:18-26

From: God’s Promises and Declarations for Your Life

365 Days of Blessings.

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